Short Essay

In the realm of Anarchism many have come up with several ideas for living in a stateless existence. There are several flavors or schools of thought for if there was just one, that would defeat the whole purpose of the freedom we fight for. It appears as shown throughout history that most anarchists disagree with one another, all of which at the core winds up leading to property. Not just any type of property but private property. Specifically and more currently, you can see these types of arguments are taken place with Anarchist Capitalists (Ancaps) and Anarchist Communists (Ancoms) right here in social media. They disagree on what seems like everything and that’s ok. It’s not necessary to agree on everything or anything at all. It’s almost like one side is insistent on rehearsed one liners that they know is going to trigger the other, while the other gets so emotional that one gets annoyed and thus neither side actually had a productive argument. This, of course, is the trademark of newer Ancaps and Ancoms.  So let’s make it clear.
(This is pretty elementary, but just for shits and giggles)
What is Private Property?
Places that you own and use and create your means of production to be sold off, such as factories, businesses and can even be apartment buildings or houses for rent.

What is Personal Property?
Something you own and intend to use for yourself, such as your house that you live in, toothbrush, sun glasses, couch, TV…etc.

Contrary to popular belief, neither group is against personal property. Just as an example, Ancaps may argue that Ancoms want their toothbrushes because the only way to have 1 is through use of private property, suggesting Ancoms must be against personal property. Ancoms might argue that Ancaps want control over everything by means of extortion and therefore will steal your toothbrush and resell it for profit so Ancaps must be against personal property too. Actually… NO ONE WANTS YOUR NASTY TOOTHBRUSH! 藍 (statists might though, just saying).

Typically these discussions get out of hand and seem to stray from the reason why we call ourselves anarchists in the first place, and that is the state is our enemy. Understandably The State has been the very reason why different groups are created. Because where there is corruption and injustice many will stand up against it. Every action The State has taken to create such injustices through means of doctrine, coercion and violence, and yet the “free people” will blame each other. Capitalism isn’t the same as the corporatism we’ve always had and communism isn’t the dictatorship of the proletariat that it’s history has always repeated.

Anarchists are not violent nor coercive. With that said, if you call yourself an Anarchist or Anarcho hyphen anything but suggest otherwise, you’re not worthy of the name and what it stands for.
It doesn’t matter what flavor or school of thought you are, you can debate which is right or wrong all day. In the end, in a stateless and voluntary society you’re free to choose. If all is voluntary as it should be, then who will coerce anyone to into institutions and doctrines? If everyone is free minded who will be forced to do anything they don’t want to do? Everyone should be able to have what they want and need without hindrance of one another.
Voluntary is a key word and every school of thought can compliment each other really well if done in such a fashion. Or else you’re just looking at the rebuilding of State structure. Violence is for statists so let’s keep it that way. That’s what sets us apart from them after all.

“Liberty is not a box into which people are forced. Liberty is a space in which people may live. It does not tell you how they will live. It says eternally that only we can.”
– Karl Hess

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