Anarchism History and Literature: Emma Goldman

If anyone doesn’t know, Emma Goldman is the reason why I am proud to call myself an anarchist. I’d already been a few years into my research and found a test from Political Compass. I took it and the the chart showed all these famous people in history, Emma Goldman being on the far left. At the time I considered myself a libertarian and the dot signifying where I belonged was hanging off the line of the chart and in Emma Goldman’s throat. I didn’t even know who she was.
And if you don’t then today’s book and video of the day can help with that. One thing I did recently notice, is that she’s popular not just in anarchist circles, but feminist and left liberal groups as well.

Book of the day:

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Marriage is Slavery

I made a comment on a post and it inspired me to make a post.

Why is marriage slavery?
Multiple reasons really.

  1. the whole history of marriage was to force 2 people together for money exchange between families especially in the times of monarchy in Europe. All marriages had to be approved by the king. In its history men have always claimed the women as if they were their property, especially when it came to uniting 2 families for the sake of wealth. And that’s not to mention the business of buying people as slaves to work on their land. It’s no better, as both examples are means to use human beings as property/capital that belongs to another and not themselves. Hence, slavery.
  2. In middle eastern and Indian cultures middle aged men are entitled to marry little girls against their will. Again, because 2 families are uniting for the sake of wealth. Young girls are forced to drop out of school (if they go to school) to marry and obey their husbands who will make endless promises before the details are worked out between the 2 families. And those promises are broken once the marriage ceremony is over. The women in those cultures, then, are often treated as second class citizens and to be subservient to their husbands for the rest of their lives.
  3. For people here in America, it was no different in our earliest history from the time we invaded to present times. The State itself is a slave master. Just look up DC organic act of 1871. Here, the citizens are the property of the State. (As in you’re the capital). Politicians back then found another way to legally bind everyone to their will and property which is no better than marriage or traditional slavery. And just because culture and society seems to change to seem fair, at its underlying core, is the same old system of corruption.
    Today, just because it seems like both parties agree by choice, the social norm gives the illusion that you have to get married. They paint a pretty picture for marketing purposes, doesn’t take away from the fact that you’re not allowed to get married unless you have a license and it must be recognized in the eyes of the State or it is “invalid”.
    And let’s not pretend that people these days get married for love, it’s because they want the inheritance or these the State claims all, or unless there’s a written will, then the State claims a percentage. And after you spend all that money on a worthless junk of a ring, and engagement party, and bridal shower, AND wedding… you’re then forced to pay higher insurance and taxes.
    Lastly we all see the justice of men, nonfathers and fathers alike in a bad divorce. Right they don’t get any women take all most of the time. And try mentioning a prenup before marriage! (Lol) The State makes a lot of money on those cases of divorce. And just look at Utah with multiple wives, not all the women are willing to enter that marriage. And don’t get me started on how the justice system treats spousal abuse. More often than not it works out for the abuser.
    My point is you can be in love all you want no one should ever make you swear your allegiance to prove it. And if you’re going to do it, make sure you’re doing it for you when you’re ready and not because of pressure. If you want to, it should be able to be done in a private manner to no business of the State.

One of the main influences on this, to show how long this idea as existed, is Emma Goldman. She has had every influence on me and in fact every reason why I am proud to call myself an Anarchist. None other has so eloquently been able to express and convey this thought more, than in her essay “Marriage and Love”. I will leave this video here.

I’ve been with my man, for almost 8 years, we have 2 beautiful kids together. We have no need to get married, regardless of family pressure for the draconian traditions of “if you have kids you must get married” and if you don’t it’s “blasphemy”. John and I are interdependent of one another, we’re loyal, have respect and trust each other and probably have one of the most honest and truthful relationships I’ve ever been in. We worked hard for that and didn’t need a marriage for it, nor do we plan on ever getting married. If you choose to get married that’s your choice. Love has seldom to do with it.

🖤~~~~ Nessa Nyx~~~~🖤

So You’re an Anarchist and a Parent…

Disclaimer: Any references I link in this blog isn’t an endorsement nor a sponsorship as I do not get paid to reference anyone. These blogs are for personal use and any information I write is specifically for educational purposes. Thank you and enjoy.

So you are an Anarchist and a parent, how do you think that these 2 could conflict with one another? And how often are you mad about the infringement by the State on your parental rights? These are 2 different topics in the same realm that I have been contemplating for some time. Whether you know a lot about it or are reading this to find out, hell, you don’t even have to be an Anarchist but I’m sure you can relate in some way or another. In this blog I’ll be talking about the 1 topic which is discussing the differences between Government tyranny to parental authority for the dummies who need explanation and think they’re being clever in challenging your perspective. This isn’t a new topic, I probably won’t say anything that hasn’t been said already, however, being an Anarchist and a parent I was especially inspired to give a peace of mind and piece of my mind.

Well, just off the top off my head without research I know that I don’t own my kids as property (owning any human as property is wrong, period), my husband and I are natural caregivers to our children and a temporary authority as means to teach. We have the responsibility to teach them everything in life. Everything from morality, compassion, to be academically and socially smart, independent, interdependent and anything you feel they’ll need to live a life outside of the nest. Eventually we have to let go of their hand and watch them grow up without our help, unless they ask. They are still my children no matter what age, but at some point we no longer have the authority over how they live their lives.

Stepping outside of my own style of parenting I had to look into the many types of parenting styles. What I found primarily, is that there are 4 different styles. Neglectful, Permissive, Authoritative and Authoritarian.
Neglectful parents hardly need defining but in short it’s not teaching, nor fulfilling the needs of the children, or needs of children to parent relationships. It’s certainly not any way to parent. Permissive on the other hand, is like being your child’s friend rather than a parent. Permissive parents often allow their kids to make their own decisions and may give advice when needed. However, a permissive parent would likely give them whatever they want whenever they want it, in hopes that their kids appreciate the accommodation. Children of Permissive parents often grow up with many issues such as little self-control and self-regulation, and feeling that there’s something to be desired without knowing what’s ahead or how to handle it. Authoritative parenting is very different. Authoritative parents allow their kids to be independent while restricting them on their actions by age appropriateness. Authoritative parents aren’t controlling and overbearing but do set guidelines as they want their child to explore and learn as much as they can including the consequences of their actions. The kids would then, be able to make decisions based on their own reasoning as opposed to making decisions without experience and/or being told what their reasoning should be. This parenting style is said to be the most recommended as it promotes the best form of liberty and independence. Authoritarian parenting is, in my opinion, s the same as neglectful with a difference of actual military style of order. Obedience to your parents without explanation, being told as opposed to reasoning. Usually associated with phrases such as “because I said so” “do as I say not as I do” “obey or else” “my roof my rules you don’t like it get out”… there is no choice there is no independence. Authoritarian parents often have the mentality of “I do not want my kids to repeat my mistakes” and wind up hurting them with forceful restrictions and lack of explanation. There may not be a lot of heart to heart open discussions in this parenting style nor in Neglectful. We can rule this one out as it is the closest to government tyranny as it gets.

In addition to my answer, the government owns everyone from fetus to elderly to the box you’re buried in. You are their property. Don’t believe me? Do we not have birth and death certificates and social security numbers? They make taxes mandatory so that you can’t even get a job without signing a W2. Work and eat, or don’t work and starve. You work, you build yourself up and yet, they can seize your property, fruits of your labor, use money to create dependency programs, go to war, gain power and take our freedoms using fear and pride. From the homeless man to the small business owner. If you’re not part of the chronyist political, monopoly big business and media elites then you’re just a peon in their game, a slave if you will. They have power of what I call the 4 M’s. Monopoly, Money, Media, and Mentality. They’ll use the Media to plea to your weaknesses and fears, use identity politics and fear mongering to give you “incentive” to vote for something you really know nothing about. In turn you give up small bits of your rights and consent to give them more revenue (Money) for them to do as they see fit. While the State seeks to become the largest and sole business (Monopoly), which eventually will make all private businesses illegal, eliminating competition which will rise the cost of living. They use the abhorrent behavior of mankind to have control over law abiding citizens and how we think (Mentality). The funny thing is the law abiding citizens are often happy to do it because (insert misinformed justification here and a sprinkle of relative morality there) and you have citizens that are sheep in wolves clothing (yeah I said that right) who will eat each other alive. And that’s not something any authority should do, in fact, that’s down right leviathan. And how dare anyone call the masses out for being brainwashed, because if they knew just how wrong they were, the pain and guilt would be unbearable. So I wouldn’t compare how I feel about such tyranny to parental authority, they are only exclusive to the sense in how we’re not free to parent without the State as it is unconstitutional.
I have 1 M as a guideline to self governance. Morality, in which our system and government lacks.

The next blog might take me a bit longer to get out as I’ll be doing some crazy research into just that. Parental rights and how we are all children of the State by law. That is a vast topic and I’m probably biting off more than I can chew.

To end this blog I chose to quote a paragraph from Benjamin R Tucker in his chapter of State Socialism Vs Anarchism: How far they agree and wherein they differ, written in 1886 and boy you can tell. Modernize as you wish.
“Even in so delicate a matter as that of the relations of the sexes the Anarchists do not shrink from the application of their principle. They acknowledge and defend the right of any man and woman, or any men and women, to love each other for as long or as short a time as they can, will, or may. To them legal marriage and legal divorce are equal absurdities. They look forward to a time when every individual, whether man or woman, shall be self-supporting, and when each shall have an independent home of his or her own, whether it be a separate house or rooms in a house with others; when the love relations between these independent individuals shall be as varied as are individual inclinations and attractions; and when the children born of these relations shall belong exclusively to the mothers until old enough to belong to themselves.”

My Introduction

Who Am I?

Nobody really. I created this account months ago and it’s about time I started using it. I believe an Introduction is in order. My name is Vanessa, no my last name isn’t actually Nyx but I use it as a pseudonym.  The name comes from Greek Mythology, as Nyx is the Goddess of Night and by clicking the link you can learn more about her and why I chose to use that name, she is pretty cool. and her story is sort of a personal favorite.  Don’t worry my husband doesn’t mind 😉
I really want to just jump into why I’m here but that would be rushing it so here’s a little about me. I am a Wiccan, I love all kinds of music but mostly I am a metalhead. I play guitar, I paint, I write, I love live shows, I’m an introvert but do surprisingly well in large groups. I have an interest in politics which is what I’m mostly going to write about. I am a stay at home Mom to 2 young children. My son is 4 and my daughter is 2. I’m married to my soulmate. He’s a conservative and I am an Anarchist/libertarian so you can imagine after the 2016 election he made 2 rules for me: 1. Thou shalt not dis my Trumpy 2. The only NAP he wants to hear about is one where he’s laying down and closing his eyes. I obviously didn’t marry him for his political intellect (or lack of) but other than that, he’s perfect. The funny thing is I voted for him too but you know what they say about indoctrination: it takes a leap of faith.  I laugh at just about anything and everything and I’m pretty blunt, direct and honest so I may not realize sometimes that what I say, often needs to be explained. I don’t know what you know so if you ever have any questions, just ask. I don’t care about PC, if I offend you, just know that those aren’t my intentions.


I love to blog and even was quite the blogger back in the Myspace days, when I was a naïve SJW crybaby who went based on pure emotion and no facts. I have always had an interest in politics, though as a kid I may have mistaken opinions for facts. I started to take an interest when I was about 13 when Bill Clinton was caught in the Monica Lewinski scandal and I remember thinking, that, why is it anyone’s business what he did? Surely just because he was the president of the United States that didn’t mean that he wasn’t human, right? Even though I knew nothing of Bill Clinton or his wife, nothing about politics and especially nothing about sex for that matter let alone sexual misconduct. That was the start of my free thinking but not if my Republican and Democrat family members could help it, as their response to me was “it matters because he’s the president”. My family members talked about the news all the time, but I always heard the 2 extremes of Left and Right, there was never anything else in between. I knew as much about the 2 parties as I did any, and that was nothing, zip, zilch, nada. But instead of educating myself properly I listened to everyone else. It wasn’t until the shutdown in 2013 over Universal Healthcare that I started to realize that I actually knew nothing and started to bring my questions to light. Like, WTF was Universal Healthcare anyway? Why was it the governments job to find healthcare for the people? Well if you’re reading this I don’t need to explain how that went down. You’re either one of the millions of Americans that got “free” healthcare or one of the millions that had to cancel your health insurance because the monthly payments, copays and deductibles nearly tripled and you couldn’t afford it, only to be screwed by the IRS if you didn’t have it and to wind up owing the government. Guess which one I was? Yep I was the one being screwed, and I made less than $37,000 a year at the time with 2 jobs. But we can all agree that at least big pharma, insurance companies and especially the government were sitting pretty in their ivory towers. While I have nothing against the rich or anyone wanting to get rich, only the greedy and power hungry chronyists that power pack inflation into this economy. I’m still trying to figure out how Universal Healthcare was supposed to be a good idea. And still waiting for my money back that they stole, I mean after it had been declared unconstitutional, I would think I should be reimbursed, but I’ll wake up now. I have a better chance at controlling the weather.
In any case, rather than making my head hurt I decided to get researching my other questions that I had like how the government worked, learn about it’s history, learn economics… couldn’t afford to go back to school so I found other means such as the Library, newspapers, Webinars, YouTube (that’s where I had my lamas class lol) Needless to say I’m pretty self taught with the help of available content by very established educators.  On YouTube it was a bit hard to find what I was looking for because of it’s algorithm, but eventually found The Political Compass (they only have 3 videos but their website is spectacular), Crash Course, Tom Woods, Adam Merced, An0maly, Ron Paul’s Liberty Report, Steven Crowder (what he’s funny!), Jordan Peterson (love his lectures) a dozen or more other college lectures, and historical documentaries. But not before getting tangled up in what I call Smut media, which is a bunch of bullshit artists from the Left and Right spouting their opinions, no facts, just name calling and nit picking on one another. I have to admit that’s like watching The Young And The Restless. Addicting and hilarious but that shit gets old after a while with no new means of getting over the metaphorical hump that is America’s growing issues( I don’t mind having a good laugh but I’d rather be educated than brainwashed). So, I also started looking to get into good books at night, as that is another passion of mine, is reading. I normally read mysteries, adventures, fantasies, and even romance novels(hey! don’t knock it till you try it), but a couple of years ago I wanted to change it up. I started to read books by Robert Greene, Ayn Rand, Murray Rothbard, Ludwig Von Mises, Friedrich A Hayek, Emma Goldman, Peter Kropotkin, Benjamin Tucker, Thomas Sowell, Milton and David Friedman… You want to talk about politically diverse, that’s as insane as it gets. And I never stop. If I want to learn about a particular faction in the political realm I won’t hesitate to find a definitive Author, pick a book and read it and if I enjoy it I pick out another book by them. If anyone is familiar with the Authors and to which of the factions they belong, then you already know that these are books about the Libertarian/Anarchist spectrum. But of course you’d think I would read book in the Authoritarian spectrum but since I was influenced with it growing up, I feel I need no introduction to learn how to be a good little voluntary slave nor do I feel smarter having listened or believed any of it.
So Any chance I get I’ll post about mostly politics, maybe even topics that pertain to being a parent. Currently my research has taken me to parenting and Libertarianism to see how it all ties together. Honestly that can be another article if I even try to explain what I mean that’ll be at least 10 paragraphs long. Well, I am about to sit through a documentary called No Gods No Masters, it’s on YouTube, and apparently it has 3 parts. Looks interesting. Not to be terribly cliché but I’ll end this with a quote from an interesting book I read last week. The quote is on the first page after the cover of a book written by Benjamin R Tucker called Instead Of A Book: By A Man Too Busy To Write One: A Fragmentary Exposition of Philosophical Anarchism. I read the quote before I even started reading the book and immediately I was intrigued . So without further ado…
“In abolishing rent and interest, the last vestiges of old-time slavery, the revolution abolishes at one stroke of the sword of the executioner, the seal of the magistrate, the club of the policeman, the gauge of the exciseman, the erasing-knife of the department clerk, all those insignia of Politics, which young Liberty grinds beneath her heel. “